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    產品名稱:320 mode
    規  格:

    320 mode 6 Color UV Flexographic printing machine
    The 6 Color Label printing machne/UV Flexographic printing machine can print the following
    material in excellent such as the label,trademark,sticker,paper,kraft paper,medical bag,etc.
    Label Printing Machine/UV Flexographic printing machine:
    1.Adopts Ceramic anilox roller to spread ink.
    2.The Unwinding and Rewinding are controlled by the magnetic power brake,clutch
    (Or using automatic tension controller from Mitsubishi company)
    3.The printing units adopt 360 degree as for registration
    4.The machine is with UV ultraviolet dryer
    5.The inking roller will break away automatic and running in a low speed when the machine stop.
    6.Using imported stepless speed regulation as the main motor

    7.The machine is adopted imitate photoelectric rectifying system and static picture to assure the quality and result of printing.
    8.Turn bar for both sides printing.
    9.Camera controls printing quality.
    10.Laminating and waste-off control by magnetic powder.
    11.Double die cutting units do both sides cutting and sheeting with the conveyer.
    12.Magnetic rewind unit is optional if no sheeting.
    320 Mode 6 color Label Printing Machine/Flexographic Printing Machine Main Technical Parameters:
    Printing speed
    Printable color
    Max web width
    Max printing width
    Max Unwingding Diameter
    Max Rewinding Diameter
    Orubtubg Curcynferebce
    Registering precision
    Die Cutting Length
    Overall dimension
    Installation :If the buyer need us send the engineer go to their factory to do installing and
    teaching,he should cover the following expenses:round air ticket,accommodation,food,and
    other freight charges,and salary per day.The most important is keep our engineer safe.
    Guarantee: 1 YEAR.
    Within The 1 year Guarantee under the proper using,if The buyer need new parts to replace
    the defective one,The seller must arrange it as soon as possible.But the freight charge for the
    replace one are in the buyer side.If the buyer need help about the machines,the seller have the
    responsibility to help them solve it.
    All pictures and technical specifications are for reference only. The model depend on actual

    Contact:Michael Choi

    TEL: 0086-577-88617680


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